Food essentials

Food for energy

We need food for energy that fuel our functions we cannot control like our heart, lungs, digestion etc and the functions we can control like walking, thinking and talking. Brains use a lot of energy.

Compared with other animals we are not that great - they are typically faster, stronger and better equipped with teeth and claws than we are. But we are a communal animal that can think, plan and communicate and walk.

We can out walk any other animal - that how we used to hunt - form a group, make a plan and simply out walk our prey. That needs an ongoing supply of energy - that why we have evolved to get fat.

Fine for a hunter not so fine for a city dweller. Modern food gives us an abundance of energy as sugars and fats. These are simple chemicals which we fully understand.

They are made up largely of carbon and hydrogen which we burn with oxygen to produce all the energy we need. Our modern food system provides more energy food than we need not - good for today's life style.

Food for cell replacement

But we are continuously replacing our bodies, our cells die and we make new ones.

We are literally not the same person we were a year ago. And we need a different sort of food to replace our cells - highly complex chemicals which have traditionally been available naturally from plants without us even thinking about it.

Plants are masters of chemistry producing phyto-chemicals some poisonous, others indigestible while others essential for life - we call these phyto-nutrients and we need them to keep on making new cells as the old one die. They are very complex and we don't really understand them. A simple tomato has over a thousands photochemicals which modern chemistry can identify but we don't know how they work to help us make our new cells - we just know they do.

Modern food is chronically lacking in these essential phyto-nutrients.

Plants make them naturally from trace minerals in the soil but our modern chemical industrial agriculture has depleted these trace minerals so our food is lacking in essential phyto-nutrients. In some cases the micro-nutrient levels in modern food has dropped by a factor of thirty from traditional levels.

Our bodies are smart - we have an intelligent system called the gut brain axis which controls our appetite so we just eat the food our bodies need - automatically without us even thinking about it.

But if our bodies sense a lack of these essential phyto-nutrients we suffer from food cravings and eat more of the high fat and sugar energy foods and end up with chronic diseases like overweight, diabetic, heart attacks, stokes, dementia etc.

We may try to offset this by taking pills and supplements and drugs to combat our illnesses but apart from the expense they don't really work very well.

A simpler and much cheaper solution is simply to eat food containing the essential phyto-nutrients. There is not need for all those pills with two possible exceptions Vitamin D if you don't get exposure to sunlight and B12 if you are strictly vegan. But oysters are full of B12 and are better for you than pills

How to grow plants loaded with phyto-nutrients


There are three simple step in growing food with the needed phyto-nutrients.

First essential minerals must be added to the soil. There are trillions of tons of volcanic rock which provide all the needed trace minerals - it it readily available at minimal cost often as a bye product form quarries. And there is an ongong supply - just google 'rent a volcano'.

Second these minerals are insoluble so are not accessible to the plants but micro-biology can slowly break down these insoluble minerals making then available to the plants. This can come from compost - recycling waste food and organic matter.

Thirdly stop using toxic chemicals which kill of the essential soil biology. Not only do these kill of the soil biology they kill of our gut biology which is essential for digesting our food and providing the intelligent control system which manages our appetite.

 Growing using these three essentials is called the Gbiota growing system - Gbiota being short for Gut biota.

Pick and eat

But how can ordinary people buy food grown in this simple way?

Answer - buy directly from a grower committed to re-generative agriculture and improving the quality of his soil.

Growers want to adopt sustainable agricultural practices but are often so squeezed on price that they simply cannot afford the small extra cost. Typically the grower only receives a very small percentage of the retail price of the food he grows.

The pick and eat web site enables consumers to buy directly from the grower so the consumer gets nutritious food full of essential phyto-nutrients and the grower gets enough money to adopt re-generative agriculture and grow the nutritious food.

Each grower has his own page on the web site showing what food he is growing - or prepared to grow.

At any stage in the growing cycle the buyer can buy the plants. The grower and consumer agree on a date when the plants will be ready so the plants are picked and eating so they are fresh and there is not the waste of harvesting crops speculatively on the hope that they will sell before they deteriorate - a very inefficient system.

The buyer can of course drive out to the farm and pick up the food directly from the grower but this is not suitable for many people which leads to the natural food hub system.

The natural food hub

Growers tend to specialise in particular crops - some may grow vegetables, other berries or herbs so a consumer may want to buy from many growers. The wider the range of food people eat the better.

This is easy on the pick and eat web site as the consumer can visit the pages of the various growers and choose the food she want to buy from multiple growers with one single payment for the entire basket.

Again the consumer may not want to go around to every grower to pick up individual food items, this is where the natural food hub come in to play.

A natural food hub can be at a local market, green grocer, health food shop or even a group of people forming a buyers coop. Just a central hub where people can easily pick up there orders.

At an agreed time and date the growers organise to deliver the food items to the food hub where they can be boxed up ready for the consumer to collect or even delivered to the home of each individual consumer.

The grower decided on the retail price for his produce and agrees with the food hub on the commissions to be paid.

On the pick and eat web site this is a totally automatic process with the payments and commissions being paid directly into their bank account.

Community project

This pick and eat project has to be financially viable to survive - but the aim is not simply about profit.

As you may have read my wife Xiulan became diabetic, began to loose her eye sight, fell down a flight of stairs but after a successful operation he foot started to turn black and the doctors started to talk about amputation.

In Australia - every twenty minutes of the working day someone has a limb amputated - probably totally avoidably - if they were eating the right sort of nutritious food with the essential phyto-nutrients.

The root cause of our current health epidemic is the profit orientated food system - this is just wrong.

In the pick and eat system the various people are encourage to talk and provide mutual assistance to make the system work for everyone's benefit.

This is a community project - I provide the technology on growing food high in phyto-nutrients in a Gbiota bed and the pick and eat web site.

It is now up to the growers, the consumers and health enthusiast at the food hub get the system up and running.