Why our gut-brain matters

Most people know that our gut is important for health – but do they know why?

Our gut-brain is the command centre for our bodies

gut brain connectionOur gut contains trillions of cells which communicate with each other – just like in a computer.

It is the intelligent control system which regulates our bodies, in particular how much and what we want to eat.

We don’t get fat and sick simply because we eat too much. We get fat and sick because our gut-brain senses deficiencies in our diet so decides it need to store more fat, send out hormones so we overeat, then we get fat and sick.

We can choose – do we want to live a long and healthy life, fit and active to the very end or do we want to get fat and sick and die young.

We must feed our gut-brain

gbiota boxesIf we want to be fit and healthy then we need to feed out gut brain so it works properly. This is not a total guarantee, our genetics play a part but if we don’t feed our gut-brain then the odds of living a long and healthy life are remote.

Gbiota™ is not a product you can buy at a chemist shop – it is a way of growing food – plants that contain the beneficial microbes and phytonutrients that your gut-brain needs to work properly and you intelligent control system. Gut-Brain Food.

If you have the space and gardening skill you can do it yourself but for most people, particularly those living in a flat you will need to buy Gbiota boxes with plants already growing from a local grower.

You have two options.

1) You can grow you own gut-brain food. If you have the space and gardening skill you can do it yourself. Go to www.gbiota.com and learn how.

2) Buy Gbiota boxes from a registered grower. The boxes are normally ordered on line and delivered to your door.

To do that email me here colin@gbiota.com telling me the what district you live in country/state/town and I will help contact a suitable grower.


Want more details – here are some suggestions

If you are new to the Gbiota project please go to the essence here

If you are wondering what plant to grow read here

Interested in becoming an approved Gbiota grower  conact me here colin@gbiota.com

The aim of the Gbiota project is to grow plants to enhance gut biology. The gut does much more than digest food, it is a real brain which controls much of how our body works, particularly appetite, replacement of body part as they age and much of our immune system.

You simply cannot be healthy without a healthy gut.

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