Community supported agriculture

Health starts in the soil. On this site you can read many articles on how we grow our food affects out health.  They talk about how important our gut brain is in controlling our bodies and how to grow food which enhances our gut biology. If you have the time and the land you can use this information to grow food in your garden which is full of the micro nutrients, phytonutrients and biology which lead to health.

If you don’t have the time, energy or land you may feel forced to buy your food though the mega corporations who put their profit ahead of your health using chemical industrial agriculture.

But around the world there is a growing movement of community supported agriculture where the community and farmers work together, you can read about this global movement at

There are many schemes but the system we promote is very simple. Form a local community or group from;-

biofoodies – that is people who want to eat food grown in nutrient rich biologically active soil,

regenies – regenerative farmers who focus on the quality of their living soil and

groupies who really run the group and organise the group and system where the biofoodies order produce on line from multiple regenies so the produce is collected from the regenies farms in the morning and delivered to the homes of the biofoodies in the afternoon.

Steps in creating community supported agriculture

– find groupies to start and run group

– recruit biofoodies to establish buying power

– recruit regenies to grow produce

– community decide what plants they want

– regenies plant and grow selected varieties and place on web

– biofoodies place orders

– groupies organise boxing (van)

– van visited every farm placing each order in box

– van delivers produce to biofoodies home

If this interest you please email me at [email protected] indicating whether you may wish to participate as a biofoodie, regenie or groupie or all and indicate the locality in which you live.

 This video explains why and how

There are many article here and in out sister web site which explains why how we grow our food is so important for our health.