We are working on this site  www.pickandeat.shop  but you are welcome to watch as we build.

We are currently promoting community growers – for more details go to www.gbiota.com

This area is where you come to buy and sell Gbiota Bioboxes.

A Biobox is loaded with soil, made in Gbiota bed where we breed beneficial microbes which will enter the plant we eat and enhance our gut biology.  We also ass rock dust to the soil which is broken down into soluble nutrients by the microbes.

There are three version of Bioboxes.

You can buy a cleanskin which is just a box loaded with soil and you do all the seeding.

You can buy a box which is already seeded with custom plants you specify or you can buy a combo which is seeded with a range of some 27 different plant species which optimises gut health.

While you can buy outright it is probably more convenient to have a subsciption where you receive new box on a regular basis on a swap over system.