Buy direct from regenerative farmers


Regenerative farming increases the nutrient and biological quality of the soil leading to healthier food and healthier people.

The aim of this web is to put people who want to eat healthier in contact with regenerative
farmers so they can buy directly.




You can buy food from the chemical industrial complex and run the risk of ending up fat and sick and probably having a limb amputated from diabetes.



Buy food, full of phytonutrients from a regenerative farmer grown in high nutrient, toxin free living soil and expect to live a healthy life into old age.





We can help you locate regenerative farmers near you where you can buy a wide variety of produce of your choice which is genuinely fresh, directly from the farmer at an affordable price.







Here is this 5 step process.
1) Read about how food affects your health here
2) Register your locations and details (confidential) here
3) Complete your request form to tell growers what foods you are looking for here
4) Search local growers to see if there are suppliers that meet your needs
5) Chat with farmers to see if they are willing to custom grow specific plants to meet your needs here

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