Why we need to eat gut food

Our guts do much more than help us digest our food. Our guts are part of the system which acts as an intelligent control system regulating our appetite, what and how much we eat and where and how much is stored as fat in our bodies. They are home to 70% of our immune system. 90% of people who die from the Covid virus have been eating a diet lacking essential ingredients.

A healthy gut is critical to our health and increasing our health span. Life span is how long we live, health span is how long we remain fit, active and healthy.

If we eat the right sort of food we have a healthy gut and can expect a long healthy life, if we eat the wrong sort of food our guts sense the lack of essential nutrients creating food cravings which lead to the chronic diseases of diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and dementia.

Our gut biology is an integral part of this intelligent control system which uses electrical signal and a spectrum of hormones such as leptin, ghrelin, insulin, cortisol and many more.



We need to incorporate into our diet gut food, Gbiota food, full of the food our guts thrive on – fibre, essential minerals and phytonutrients particularly what our bugs like even more than ice cream – fibre. These come from the soil so we need a nutrient rich biologically active soil.

Its primary input is waste organic material which is recycled reducing climate change and regenerating our soils.

If you want proof just study the blue zone where people not only live to a ripe old age but are fit and healthy – the health span.

The Gbiota club

The Gbiota club was formed from home growers who understood the importance of eating gut food. We now want to make this gut food readily available at an affordable price to everyone wanting to increase their health span. The club itself does not make or sell anything but we can create a system of ethical businesses to make gut food available.

Our Services


The Gbiota movement is based on bringing together individuals and companies working cooperatively together who may need support such as dietary, technical, marketing, financial and organisation advice. 


Growers are the front line of the Gbiota movement, click here to see what growers near you can offer.If you would like to become a Gbiota grower please email me at colinaustin@bigpond.com


Growers need a range of products such as minerals, biology, worms, organic waste, soils, irrigation equipment etc.  If you would like to become a supplier to the Gbiota club please email me at colinaustin@bigpond.com


Transport, picking up and delivering produce from the growers to the cafes, food hubs and homes is a critical part of making Gbiota food convenient and economic


Cafes are a great way for people to experience Gbiota food, they can also act as food hubs for convenient distribution. Find your nearest Cafe! 

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