Food for health

Episode 7 regenerative farmers


We’ve reached the point where we see that to be healthy we need to eat healthy food, and healthy food comes from healthy plants, and healthy plants come from healthy soil.

We know that all sort of people are trying to sell us food, pills or potions that will make us healthy – we may not be sure whether they will actually make us healthy but we can be sure they will make their bank balances healthy.

But we do know that we have evolved over millions of years to eat food relatively low in energy, high in minerals and phytonutrients and full of fibre and biology which give us a healthy intelligent control system.

So may be we should just go back to our traditional food system yes or no?
Sadly the answer is no. We can’t un-invent things and put them back to some mythical ‘good old days’.

For a start there were not all that many of us in those mythical good old days and now we need to feed approaching ten billion people – that’s a lot of McNuggets.
But it gets worse. Under the pretence of feeding the billions we have adopted chemical industrial agriculture in which the tribes making chemicals sell farmers chemicals which kill of the beneficial bacteria which make soil.

Climate change

The President of the Pitcairn Islands (population 50) assures us that climate change is all fake news – a conspiracy by the Chinese – or am I getting confused with another somewhat larger country?
But the fact is that if it is real then it won’t be rising sea levels, a couple of degrees of warming, fires, floods or hurricanes which will be the big problem – it will be food to feed the global population.

Maybe the President of the Pitairn Islands will reassure us that there is no problem because we can always make artificial food from coal – and maybe he is right.
But there are many farmers who don’t believe him and think that they should be regenerating their soils as the only known way of feeding the world population.

There are many farmers who understand regenerative agriculture and technologies. I developed Gbiota beds specifically to grow crops in biologically active nutrient rich soils. Compost tea and minerals are flushed through the root zone.

This not only leads to a healthy nutrient rich biologically active soil but reuses food waste. The amount of food we waste, with all those nutrients, is simply unsustainable.

There main concern may be the sustainability of the food system as we are degrading our soils at an alarming rate and soils can also sequester large amount of atmospheric carbon. There are a significant number of farmers who really understand the importance of regenerative agriculture.

We may be a smart creature but as a society we pay far more attention to what we need now rather than in twenty years time.

But it you are told you are going to have you leg chopped of from diabetes that registers in the must act now category.
We face a social problem rather that a technological problem.

The next evolutionary shift

We have evolved to be cooperative to our local tribe at the expense of other tribes. We see this everyday were political and business leaders of all shades are supporting their local tribe at the expense of humanity as a whole. We see this in the speeches and actions on the news every night.

But there is a change underway – it may be slow but it is happening, some countries like New Zealand and the Scandinavian countries and some companies clearly understand this shift.
But evolution is a slow business – often dependant on leaders dying and being replaced but more enlightened leaders. Change happens in a series of small but steady changes.

This web site is not going to change the world overnight – we have to put up with myopic leaders for while yet – but it is a step in the right direction.