Biofoodie’s let’s go

27 Nov 2019



This page shows to create a biofoodie icon which is saying I am a biofoodie, and into the altfood movement and support regenie growers. (see home page).

It may look like your are setting up a shop but you are not – it is just that this is the easiest way of creating your icon. There is no need to enter credit card details and although you will be asked to enter your address and email that is purely to locate your icon.

I suggest you may like to read the let’s go written for buyers so you understand how they will be using the site. It’s a bit different from normal web sites in that buyers will be first choosing their growers and then choosing products second so having a good page which describes how you farm works is important.


First you go to shop then to account






Then you need to register as a vendor and fill in the form.

When you get to shop name you can choose any name you like but I suggest that you make it one word without spaces or the computer will start putting dashes in which can be a bit confusing.

 When you get to shop URL the computer should just re-enter the name of your shop automatically so don’t type in anything here.

If you are simply showing support for this project as a concerned buyer (biofoodie) or an amateur growers with a Gbiota bed there is no need to fill in financial details.





You will then be invited to fill in your details – best to do it now

Filling in the next form is easy enough but you do want to fill in the store categories section. You should say you are a biofoodie

You simply want to show your interest in buying food grown using regenerative or biological methods so just choose biofoodie as your categories.

Now you will be asked if you want to set up payment.  As you are a biofoodie just skip this 

That’s really all I am asking but if you want to help a bit more there are more things you can do.

There are thousands of edible plants which have significant health benefits but we only eat a very small range and I am keen to promote the use of these plants like gochi and moringa there is a lot of information on the web but I find seed catalogues like a good source of information.

As part of signing up you will have automatically created you own page so you can make a list of all the plants you may like to buy.

If you have made your own Gbiota bed you can also post pictures and descriptions of your beds here for others to see.

I have flier I can post to you to distribute to friends, health clinics and local farmers markets.

All this will help to persuade growers to join the project which is good for them and biofoodies so I say thank you.

Go to your dashboard gs17 and click on settings.

Now comes an important bit you don’t want to miss. This sites works on geolocation i.e. customers will search for you based on the map so you want to make sure your map is set up correctly. If you don’t do this properly they will never find you.

All you have to do is enter your address when the map should centralise on your exact location and create an icon. Not difficult but double check it does put the icon on your farm.

Now comes the bit where if you want you describe any food you want to buy

You have an area for describing anything you want – you can type or cut and paste directly into this area and also enter media. Now people love to see photos so make sure you have plenty before you start. You can also make videos – if they are small you can upload directly but it they are long it is best to put the video on YouTube and link to it.

This also gives you a bit of extra publicity. It is easy enough, you must creates an empty line (e.g. spaces and simply enter the YouTube code directly into the space. You can test that it has worked by going back to your site later.