Bundaberg first



As you can see I am not some cute teenage girl like Greta Thunberg – I am an old man which means I can remember the good old days – except they weren’t – that’s a load of rubbish – life is a lot better now.

But somethings we have got wrong and need to put right – and I am just as obsessive about putting them right at Greta. But I am obsessive about food – health begins in the soil.

Gut biology

And our food system is one things we have got wrong. It is all about our gut biology. Our guts are our second brain with real intelligence – not like our head brain which has creative intelligence but mechanical intelligence.

Our guts have trillion of cells – but it is not just about biology – these cells talk to each other – or at least the next door cells which gave them intelligence – its called swarm intelligence and we see it in ants and bees and slime moulds and it controls our bodies particularly how much and where we store fat.

Storing fat is good – it has enables humans and other animals to survive bad times. Humans naturally store fat in their bums, and having a nice round bum is generally considered good. But our modern food system has screwed up our intelligent control system so we store fat here there and everywhere, and when we store fat in our pancreas it stops working and we become diabetic.

In the good – correction – bad – old days we got sick and died young from infectious diseases, people were generally not fat and if they were fat they were still healthy and diabetes was just not an issue. And the key difference between the good – correction – bad old days is the food they ate.

Then the food was grown in nutrient rich living soil full of beneficial biology which gave us a healthy and intelligent guts. Now we kill of the biology with toxic chemicals and our soils are dead and lacking in nutrients.

The last thing we want is to go back to the good – correction – bad old days but we do want to eat food grown in healthy, living nutrient rich soil.


And if we don’t look after our soils then there will be nothing for out grand kids to eat. And I am sorry to tell you Greta that one of the best ways of fighting climate change is by creating organic soil to store the carbon.
But how do we change the food system. Eventually I want to see this change across the whole world and I have a plan to do just that – but I have to start somewhere – so why not start in my home city of Bundaberg.
And there are plenty of people who need to be changing their diet. In the Bundaberg region there are some 9,500 people diagnosed as diabetic. The other group that needs to eat healthy living food are – to be – and nursing mums and we know that the gut biology is formed while the baby is still in mums tum, during birth and while mum is breast feeding the baby.

But it is not just the soil that help diabetics, there are many plants which are widely used in the fight against diabetes. For example aloe vera, bilberry, bitter melon, cinnamon. fenugreek, ginger, okra, moringa, goji

The plan

So what is my plan? Well it starts with education – I have created lots of posts about how health begins in the soil on my web site www.pickandeat.shop. I have prepared flyers so I can give to the health centres caring for diabetics and new mums. Creating the demand for healthy food is the easy bit. You don’t have to be a marketing genius to persuade a diabetic that it is better to eat healthy food than have your leg chopped off and young mums are already fiercely protective of their babies.
But that is a waste unless they can readily buy this healthy food grown in biologically active, nutrient rich soil, free of toxic chemicals.

Regenerative farmers

Again the technology is easy, regenerative farmers know exactly how to care for their soil and I developed GBiota beds specifically to improve gut health but I can’t grow food for the whole city – let alone the world – myself – so I need allies.
The challenge I face is to persuade some of the local growers to grow food in biologically active nutrient rich soil for these two key groups of diabetics and new mums.

The power of clusters

So I have set up my web site so these people can buy directly from these growers. If I can create a cluster of growers then it is easy to organise a van to go around to all the growers to collect the produce and deliver directly to people homes.

But I have to persuade the growers to go on line, set up their own web page to show how they grow their produce, display what they currently have for sale and set up the payment system so customers can pay on line. If they are not sure how to do this I can help them or do it for them.

Bundaberg is a demo project for the world. If I can do this in Bundaberg then this can become the model for the rest of the world.