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Food for health


Episode 1 tribal thinking and the good bugs
The next great evolution


First impression can be wrong.





At first sight you may think this is just another web site where you can buy healthy fruit and vegetables on line – and you can. It aims to link people who want to eat healthy food with farmers who want to practise regenerativagriculture.


But its real purpose is to provide a step in the next great evolutionary change in the human species.


Humans are the dominant species throughout the world for three key reasons – our use of tools and now technology – an intelligent control system which manages are entire body, particularly our guts enabling us to thrive on a wide range of different foods – and the way we have learned to cooperate in groups, our tribal behaviour.






We learned, hundred of thousand of years ago, that to survive in a hostile world we needed to cooperate together by forming tribes – typically small family based groups. The number one priority was survival of our tribe and we were often quite hostile to other tribes.




As our technology improved the tribes became bigger – turning first into Nations and now mega corporations, which scan the world, as large as many Nations. But the focus is still on survival of the tribe without great concerns for the other tribes. We see this in the speeches of our political leaders and the commercial behaviour of the mega corporations putting the interest of the local tribe ahead of others tribes (or society).




We kill  by the millions in modern wars but historicpeopleally it has never been a threat to humanity – returning soldiers simply continued their toils with a bit (or lot) of hanky-panky between the sheets.




Food technology




It is the same with food – chemically it is easy, well within current technology, to produce all the energy food we need from coal or oil.


It would be a challenge – but there is a good chance – with the appropriate investment in technology – we could produce food containing all the micro nutrients needed to replace our body parts.


To produce the food that feeds our intelligent control system – which manages our bodies – is way beyond any technology we can currently conceive.


But with our modern food technology this focus on benefiting our tribe is is now putting us on a road no one wants to go down – the destruction of our soils which have evolved over millions of years to provide us with the balance diet we need for survival.or the human species to maintain its current success our thinking need to evolve from what is good for our tribe – if that tribe makes it’s money by producing chemicals which kill our soils and intelligent control system (largely in our guts) to thinking about what is best for the bigger tribe – the human species.




If we want to ber healthy we need to eat healthy food, and healthy food comes from healthy soil, and healthy soil comes from the good bugs. That is what this web is about.




Stop killing the good bugs




Some four billion years ago the earth was simply lifeless rocks – but along came highly beneficial microscopic creature – the good bugs – which turned the rocks into soil and life exploded on the earth with literally trillions of experimental creatures – now mostly extinct but we were the great survivors.





But our focus on the benefits to our local tribe is leading us to inflict terrible damage to the world that supports us. I won’t mention climate change because we are doing far greater damage – we are killing of the good bugs that create soil and also live in our guts forming part of our intelligent control system on which our life depends. Without the good bugs our soil are deficient in available minerals and we are suffering from what has been called the black death of the twenty first century.


We need to listen to Greta Thunburg and put the needs of humanity ahead of the local tribe. How often do we here the president of the Pitcairn Island, population 50, or some other country, say ‘make the Pitcairn’s great again regardless of the effect on the rest of the world.
















Tribalism worked great when there were just a few of us and we needed to cooperate as a tribe so we weren’t eaten by ferocious beast with big teeth but now we don’t need to worry about ferocious beast with big teeth – we need to worry about the our technology being so powerful it could destroy us as a species. And the biggest threat may not be climate change but the destruction of our soils on which we all depend.








That is why we need to move on from tribal politics and support regenerative agriculture which grows the healthy nutrient rich biologically active soil on which all our lives depend.








It is so simple
























Food for health








The black death of the twenty first century
We are in the midst of what has been called the black death of the twenty first century – epitomised by the obesity and diabetes epidemic and labelled non infectious diseases which includes strokes, heart attacks, dementia, liver failure and more.








This is a new phenomena which started just fifty years ago and it ever increasing. Some of the best scientific brains in the world have focused on reversing this epidemic and the science of bio-chemistry has reached a high level of sophistication.








However the practical results have been disappointing with the epidemic increasing in prevalence, now even affecting our children.








It is now clear that the problem is more than bio-chemistry as our bodies have a highly sophisticated intelligent control system which as yet we really do not understand but is at the heart of the epidemic. Hopefully at some time in the future we may fully understand how this control system works but in the short term we know that this intelligent control – system which manages how our bodies work – is determined not just by the type of food we eat but how is grown.








There is a path from the soil, the minerals and biology in the soil to our gut biology and how our bodies manage our food and determines our health.








The root cause is how our food has changed and how this has affected our health.








Fortunately some enlightened farmers are adopting regenerative agriculture for the long term sustainability of our food system but this could also be the solution to the health epidemic.








This epidemic is not going to be solved by simple slogans, eat less exercise more, avoid fats or carbs or adopt some fad diet. People really need to understand what is happening with their food and health and this realistically takes a bit of time and effort.








Now I could write a long and boring thesis on how food affects health and how we need an alternative approach to agriculture but you probably wouldn’t read it unless you are in the waiting queue to have your legged chopped off from diabetes so instead I am going to tell the story of how we got into this mess – which is much more interesting.








I have tried to make it fun to read and I can’t talk about food and health without talking about poop, and bums, and what happens inside our guts and poking fun at some of the weird things that humans do – so apologies if this offends and particularly to Kim Kardashian who may have a very nice bum but typifies much of the problems of fake information.








It may not have the social impact of Greta – but I am a grumpy eighty year old man not a cute sixteen year old kid but throughout my life I have been a successful innovator and developer of new technology and this web site is the one step I can take to improve our society by linking people who want to eat healthy food with regenerative farmers.








I have always been good at maths so at eighty years old I know that my life on earth is limited, hopefully I can get this web up and running so someone can take it over from me when I am busy chatting up the angels (or otherwise).


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