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Food for health

Episode 3 The alcoholic captain of a billion tonne meteorite

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But the story goes on as a result of the alcoholic tendency of the captain of a billion tonne meteorite who had failed to read the instruction about no alcohol for twenty four hours before taking change of a billion tonne meteorite so he accidentally crashed it into the earth.

Which was not good news for the dinosaurs as the dust it kicked up made the earth very cold which is not good news for sun loving cold blooded dinosaurs who either died or turned into birds.

But our little mouse like creatures, Mickey and Mary, thought it was the best thing since sliced bread (spot the timing error?) and immediately got busy in the hanky-panky department with the lady mouse in the next tree – leading (after a few million years) to a wide variety of warm blooded creatures of all shapes and sizes who found all sort of ways of breeding in what was becoming a rather aggressive place full of rather large creatures with big teeth.

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The hairy tree dwellers


Some seven million years ago some hairy creatures came into existence with a peculiar innovation – hands.

Now it may seem that in an age where particularly large and ferocious creatures with very large teeth, roamed the earth that hands would not offer much benefit.

But evolution is rarely obvious and hands it turned out had a particular advantage, not as a means of defence or for tool making – that would all come much later – but because it enabled the creatures to swing from branch to branch in the forest at high speed.

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The large and ferocious creature with big teeth were simply not capable of catching these branch swinging creatures. Even tree climbing creatures like pre-leopards had no hope of catching these branch swinging creatures.

But what is the point I am making? By the nature of diversity some of these branch swinging creatures would have been fat. Six million years ago that was not a good trait as they would have fallen to the ground and been quickly gobbled up by some ferocious creature like a pre-lion.

Now it is pretty difficult to breed from within a pre-lions stomach so that particular type of branch swinging creature would have very quickly become extinct.

We have evolved not to be fat

 Humans have simply evolved not to be fat – it is an unnatural state and even throughout modern history the vast majority of people have not been fat. Even the probably most famous fat man in modern history Henry the Eight was not naturally fat but became fat after a serious injury.

The modern epidemic of fatness and diabetes is totally unnatural and is something we have brought upon ourselves and by implication something we can cure ourselves.

It is really quite simple – it is food.

The evolution of hands

One such creature was our great great (plus a few more greats) uncle Joe who had worked out that having hands meant he could spend his life swinging from tree to tree without worrying about being eaten.
The evolution process was still at work and some of Uncle Joe’s relatives got fat and fell from the tree and were promptly eaten by a creature with big teeth so all those members of the family who got fat quickly died out and only those who had evolved the mechanism for having just enough fat to provide their food needs survived.

Or in plain language humans have evolved not to be fat – it is an unnatural state.

Now that should be the end of the story –

The End but no not the end –

But then – as happen when you talk about evolution over millions of years another event occurred which changed the future of the world. It got cold (again).

See what happens next week



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