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Food for health

Episode 8 How people can access healthy food


What’s all this people are agreeing with me


I am used to people disagreeing with me – but what’s all this. Virtually everyone I speak to want’s to eat healthy food, they seem to understand that to get healthy food it needs to be grown in healthy soil, They still like taking their pills event though I tell them it is far better to get their nutrients from their food and I have yet to find a person who thinks it is a good idea to be eating food contaminated by chemicals designed to kill insects or plants.

Given the choice people seem to think it is not that great to have their legs chopped off and if that means eating healthy food then perhaps that is a better option.

But while they may agree with me – in principle – there is an awful lot of people who just keep on eating food low in nutrients and high in toxins. And when I ask them why I get answers like – it’s cheap, I don’t have time, the kids like it it’s just too much trouble.

And they have a point and they every time they turn on the TV or go to the supermarket they are promotions for this or that energy food and there seems a whole bunch of people who actually want a bum like Kim Kardashian.

So – I ask myself what can I do stop people having their legs chopped off, dyeing young from heart attacks or not much worse being decrepit in old age or the worst of all getting dementia?

And the answer is – by myself pretty well nothing. So I go back to my story about when the trees disappeared and we were being eaten by the lions.

Is it good or bad to be eaten by a lion?

This was a decision on which the future of humanity rested and fortunately they too the decision that is was definitely in the not so good category.

And they found the solution was to all cooperate togther and throw stones at the lions, and it worked and that is why I can write these stories.

But it left one indelible message for those early humans which over a couple of hundred thousands years has become embedded into our DNA, one person throwing stones – lion dinner – a bunch of people throwing stones – the lion nicks off.

The human species has some remarkably contradictory characteristics. We are a highly social animal – to survive as a species we have evolved to form communities and cooperate together. We are intrinsically a tribal creature with individuals within the tribe putting the long term benefit of the tribe ahead of their own short term interests.

This worked extremely well right up to recent times when food was local, the community would would cooperate together so all members of the tribe ate healthy food.

But humans have a nastier side – they can be lacking in empathy or outright aggressive to other humans who are not members of their tribe. Archaeologist report that many of the skeletons they discover show injuries which could only have been caused by the weapons of other humans and you only have to turn on the TV to see modern day aggression and lack of empathy and foresight.

And nowhere is this more self evident and important than in our modern chemical industrial food system.

In the long term there is no technical debate on whether we are destroying our soils and our future food production – it is just self evident. Yet we do it.

In the short term there is no technical debate on whether our modern food, high in sugars and fats, low in nutrients and contaminated with toxic chemicals is the root cause of the black death of the twenty first century – it is just self evident. Yet we do it.

And the reason we do it is because we live in a system which put the short term profits of the few ahead of the food security of the world and the health of the global population.

So we need an alternative system which put the food security of the world and the health of the global population ahead of short term profits.

Now I can’t do this by myself, just as my great, great great uncle Fred couldn’t stop being eaten by lions however hard he throw his stones. But my great, great, great grandfather had a better idea – he said to his mates let’s all throw stones at the lions and they may nick off. And he was right and after a long string of great, great, etc I was conceived while poor old uncle Fred became lion dinner and never had any kids.

So the message I have to tell my mates (that’s you) is not about throwing stones at the lions but connecting with your grower – pretty simple and enough of my mates do it we will avoid having our legs chopped off and all the other baddies and may be healthy enough to play with our granddkids – which is quite fun until they want to play chasey and are just too fast.

Connect with your grower

For our guts to work we need to feed them the type of food they needs to thrive. This comes from plants grown in nutrient rich biologically active soils which occur in a natural environment. When we had that as part of our diet there was none of the current chronic disease like obesity and diabetes where every ten seconds someone has a limb amputated.

But where to buy that healthy food?

The answer is not in highly promoted magic pills and potions but from farmers who practise regenerative farming. Access to healthy food is not going to come from big business or Governments – it is going to come from a social movement with people taking the initiative to access healthy food. We need an alternative food system.

The aim of this web site is simple – to connect people who want to eat a healthy diet with regenerative farmers. In essence it is an e-farmers market for regenerative farmers.


The alternative food system

We cant go back to the old village system where you got your food from the local farmer down the road – you can’t un-invent things and anyway the concept of the ‘good old days’ is just a myth – life in the past was pretty miserable. We have to use modern technology and make it work for the benefit of the people – not just the few.

And this is how we can do it

– we need to understand the power of community.

I want to eat healthy food and I want my diabetic wife to eat healthy food. I understand very well that her diabetes came from eating modern food produce by the chemical industrial agriculture system.

I would like to go to an enlightened grower who believes in the benefits of regenerative agriculture and is prepared to grow healthy food and is prepared to sell it to me.

But I am just one person – it takes a lot of work and energy to change from chemical industrial farming to regenerative farming and it just a simple reality that on farm costs of regenerative farming are higher than chemical industrial agriculture.

It simply won’t happen with just one person.

But if many people within the community said to the farmers that we all want to buy food grown in nutrient rich biologically active soil grown by regenerative farmers then you can be sure the farmers would listen.

But it still may not happen because of cost.

 But if we had a system where many people could buy directly from the regenerative farmer and then a delivery van could go around to all the farms and collect all the orders from all the farms then go around to all the people and deliver the produce directly to their homes we would have a system where people could buy healthy food at prices which would be competitive if not cheaper than the chemical industrial system.

This is what the pickandeat.shop website is all about. It is system of forming a community where people can buy healthy food grown in nutrient rich biologically active soil directly from regenerative growers.

So please register

So if you want to buy healthy food your first step is to register, when you register you can also list the types of food you want to buy from a regenerative farmer.

A little icon will appear on the map which tells the would be regenerative farmer that there are people out there who want to buy produce grown by a regenerative farmer.

You can chat and email the farmer and we will create a community of healthy eaters and regenerative farmers.

We can make this happen – it just needs you to kick the ball and get it rolling.

Colin Austin You can contact me at colinaustin@bigpond.com


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