Getting started

This web site is just opening and there a few differences to the normal process of buying on line. It is not simply a question of choosing to buy a cauliflower or cucumber of whatever and paying for it, it is more complex question of choosing a grower who you have confidence in to grow you food in a way that will keep you healthy by ensuring the right micro nutrients are in the soil and there is an active biology to release those nutrients and help maintain you gut biology which is essential for your health.

We are also in direct competition with conventional supermarket who manage their distribution system to provide produce which looks healthy so it sells.

They have a massive advertising budget and they certainly are a convenient one stop shop.

As regenerative farmers and concerned consumers we have to be able to compete against this mighty industrial commercial complex.

Consumers want a wide variety of food so we are much more likely to be successful if there are several regenerative farmers working together to provide the variety of produce that people want. Farmers tend to specialise in different plants so we need a group of growers in each area.

Then there is the convenience factor. With a group of growers they can organise a van to operate a boxing service so the van goes to each farm in the morning to pick up the produce then delivers it in the afternoon.

This web site is really an e-farmers market with each farmer instead of having a stall has a page within the web site. The actual web is really just a shell – like in physical market – where farmers have their own stall or page.

But there are some differences – each farmer really need to use there page to show how they are growing their produce. Customers want to know how there food is grown – because it matters.

Also on the web there is an area for posting information about food for health. At this moment I am busy writing articles on food for health based on the years that I and my wife Xiulan have been working in this area.

But I want to encourage other people to write articles and form local groups to support each other – it is not all that easy to change diet from the sugars and fats of processed foods so bit of mutual support goes a long way.

A consumer has to know how to search the web site to find growers they are comfortable buying their food from and farmers need to know how to create their pages and demonstrate their growing techniques. While we don’t have laid down rules on how to grow food we do expect growers to reveal how the growing methods for customers to choose and every customer has the opportunity to write a revue about about the farmer where they are buying their food from – it is a sort of built in honesty box.

There are procedures for creating accounts and pages for the farmer and for customers to search for the produce they are looking for.

At this moment the easiest way if for you to email me letting me know of your interest on what you want and I can send you information sheets and help you with creating pages and accounts. As an older person who gets his granddaughter to help him work his mobile phone I wont be bombarding you with techno-bable.