Not about a Cabbage

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Just ask

Just ask any competent doctor, dietitian or read the medical literature and you will see the importance of our gut biology. It forms part of our intelligent control system which manages how much and what type of food we want to eat, how much and where we store fat and is also home to the bulk of our immune system. If we want to increase our health span we need a healthy gut and that means we have to add to our diet food that feeds our gut biology – gut food.

We know how to grow gut food – any competent grower can do it. Just add selected essential minerals to the soil, inoculate with beneficial biology biology and feed it organic waste so it breeds. My web site has all the information readily available on how to grow gut food. There are thousands of growers, particularly the smaller hobby farmers just outside of our major cities who really understand the benefits of Gbiota farming. Then why aren’t we all eating gut food?

The cabbage story

You can go to the local super market and buy a cabbage for say $2. The farmer will get about 40cents for each cabbage but he grows them by the hundreds of thousands, using automated machinery, chemicals and cheap labour to make a viable living. The system works (for them).

Now maybe a dedicated biological grower wants to go to the trouble of adding all those trace mineral, zinc, magnesium, iodine, selenium etc to the soil, avoid using harsh chemicals and inoculate and feeding the biology to grow gut food. It simply cost more.

The super market may try and sell this in the speciality food section for say $4 but it looks just like any other cabbage so people don’t buy and ends up going rotten and being thrown away. A health conscious individual may decide to buy a cabbage from a dedicated grower – they drive 40 kilometres to buy a $2 cabbage so the real cost is $82 not $2. The system does NOT work.

Change the system

If people want to add gut food to their diet they have to take action and change the system, no one is going to do it for them. First they have to form a group. I have set up a social media site where people can join and form a local group. May be just one or two people at the start but they can recruit their friends who in turn recruit their friends until there is a sizeable group. They can then make contact with biological growers and persuade them to join the group.

The growers and consumers can chat and convince the growers – you grow we will buy. They can buy directly from the growers using Now they group can organise economic transport. Someone in the group organises transport with a schedule, hopefully several times a week, which is published on The growers can then post on showing what produce they will have available on each day. Customers can then buy produce from a number of growers and book a pick up and delivery from the transporter.

The growers will harvest just enough to fill the orders, there is no waste by speculative harvesting. A variety of produce is collected from multiple growers and delivered either to customers homes or a pick up point like a cafe or market. It may cost say $160 for a collection and delivery but if that is shared among 100 members that is only 16 cents. This system can work.

This can work

Club members can buy genuine gut food directly from the growers, they know the minerals, biology and organic waste has been added – that is part of the system, the produce is harvested in the morning and delivered fresh that same day.

It is also economic – by sharing the distribution cost the net price can be lower than from the conventional system – there is minimal waste and we are recycling waste organic material regenerating our soils for the common good.

How you can make if work

I can’t make this work by myself – I provide advice for free on how to grow gut food (on line and in I have made and – if you have any suggestions on how I can improve these sites or find any issues please let me know – so I can fix – that is part of my contribution.

But I don’t have the time or resources going around to set up growers across the globe. But you can make it work and the first step is to join the group and recruit new members. start chatting with them to convince the growers to grow gut food and organise to share the distribution costs. Go to