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Why we need a biofoodies group

Colin Austin  3 Dec 2019 © Creative commons this document may be reproduced but the source should be acknowledged

For thousands of years life has been getting better, we live longer, are fitter, taller and stronger and we have gradually been overcoming infectious diseases. The graph of quality of life has been steadily going up.

This all comes from technology, sewage systems, fresh water, advances in medical and food technology etc.

But about fifty years ago the graph started to flatten and about twenty years ago started to drop. We are no longer living longer, on average we are becoming fatter and suffering from a range of  non infectious or chronic diseases like diabetes, and dementia and people in old age are become less healthy and infirm.

Technology is having a dramatic impact on human society. It is self evident that technology should work for the benefit of humanity as a whole and is equally self evident that this is not universally true, it is creating a society in which a handful of people, the top executives and share holders of mega corporations are becoming excessively rich while a significant proportion of the general population are going backwards.

I am an innovator in new technology, I was recently acknowledge by the Institute of Engineers as one of Australia’s top one hundred leading innovators for my pioneering work on computer aided engineering – which literally changed an industry.

But I believe that those of us who have had the good luck to be born with an innovative mind and create new technologies have a responsibility to ensure that technology works for the benefit of the human community as a whole, not an already rich few.

I now focus my technical capabilities to study and experiment with how we grow our food affects our health. Our guts form part of an intelligent control system which manages our body. When healthy it instructs our bodies to store just the right amount of fat as a food reserve. Modern diets high in sugars and fats and low in essential nutrients and biology confuse our control system so they send instructions to store excess fat in the wrong places like our organs and brains leading to diabetes and dementia.

We now have the technology to grow food to restore our gut biology but that is not enough. We need to develop an alternative food distribution systems. You can read about my plans for setting up this alternative food distribution system by clicking here for details groups

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Health starts in the soil


Alternative food


The aim of this web is to create an alternative food system.

Why? Because our current food system is damaging the bugs in our guts which are the intelligent control system for our body which is making us fat and sick. It is also destroying the soil which will mean that our grand kids will not have a supply of healthy soil. Degradation of our soils is just as much a future hazard as climate change.

It’s very simple – our health depends on the health of our guts.


Our guts are more than trillions of bugs or cells which digest our food – they communicate with each other to provide intelligence – it is our second brain, which working with our head brain, controls our body – whether we feel full or hungry, how much fat we store for an emergency food supply and how we manage the harmful bugs which are continuously invading our bodies.

But the health of out guts depend on the health of the food we eat which in turn depends on the health of the soil in which it is grown which in turn depends on the trillions of micro-organisms which make the difference between dirt and soil.

Health is a chain from soil biology to gut biology.

Health starts in the soil is more than a slogan – it is a reality.

Now we don’t sell any food – or sell anything for that matter.

We just do three things –

– we write lots of articles about food, soil and health.

We have been doing this since the start of the internet twenty years ago and you can read here on this site in our posts and our older sister site www.waterright.com.au and www.wickingbed.com.au. It’s all free but you just have to read it to get the message.

– we also carry out many experiments on how to grow food which leads to health. We were a pioneer of Wicking Beds which went viral over twenty years ago and are used in many home gardens .

But more recently we developed Gbiota beds as a way of improving gut biology by regenerating the soil from minerals and waste organic material to create a genuinely sustainable agricultural system – not just for us but for our grand kids and their grand kids.

– we also provide a platform where regenerative farmers, who really understand and care about their soil, can demonstrate how they are using micro-biology to grow food to make us healthy.

You will be able to buy food which will vitalise your health directly from them. It is directly between you and the growers but we do earn a 5% commission on sales to help cover our costs.


The Alternative food movement


A biofoodie is someone who understands that health starts in the soil. They want to eat food grown in nutrient rich biologically active soil free of toxic chemicals.

They understand that our gut biology from part of the intelligence control system which manage our bodies. They understand that storing fat in the right places in our bodies is a normal and essential part of how our bodies work but if we damage our gut biology our control system becomes disrupted and we start to store fat in places, such as our liver, pancreas and brain which is extremely hazardous and has led to the modern health epidemic of diabetes, strokes, dementia etc.

They study how food works and affects their health and know they need to eat a wide range of different plants to safeguard their health and understand the importance of genuine freshness.

They are willing to pay a fair price for food grown in healthy living soil.

A regenie is a regenerative grower who again understand that health starts in the soil and goes to great lengths to ensure the quality of their soil and grow food for the biofoodie’s.

They study soil biology and learn the techniques of growing food without toxic chemicals. They may use Gbiota beds which were developed to enhance gut biota and provide a sustainable way of growing food without toxic chemicals.

They may work in clusters with each grower specialising in particular plants so together they can offer the wide variety of produce needed for health and create an efficient farm to home delivery system

The expect to receive a fair reward for their efforts of supporting people health.

Altfood is an alternative food system. The pickandeat.shop website links biofoodies and regenies so the biofoodies get to know their regenie growers and buy based on the growing methods as well as the actual produce.

Produce is ordered on line while the plants are still growing in the ground with an agreed delivery date. On that day the produce is harvested in the morning from all farms in the cluster and delivered to the homes of the biofoodies in the afternoon.


Click deceptive shark to watch video


Before we started to use toxic chemicals in our food production people had healthy gut biomes. But we can’t go back to the farming methods of a century ago but two modern technologies could be set to provide a viable alternative food system.


The first is this pickandeat.shop web site.

The second is Gbiota beds which were developed to restore gut biology but are largely fed by minerals and compost from food and other wastes and so are sustainable. They are highly productive producing food in commercial volumes from small areas which means food can be grown in or near urban areas.

I do this all for free for very simple reason. I do not want to live, or more importantly my grand children, to live in a society where food is dominated by a few rich people getting even richer by a food system based purely on profit rather than the health of the community.

I visit many traditional farming societies to learn traditional ways of growing food. But despite sometimes extreme poverty they have a totally different attitude to food with a strong emphasis on sharing and the benefit of the community.

It is a simple choice between a caring and cooperative society or one based on competition and profit above all.

But I ask a favour in return. I need to establish a network of regenerative growers who can supply produce directly to the public – they need to know that there are people out there wanting to buy.

If you are sympathetic to my views on buying food from regenerative farmers please register on the site as a biofoodie so that these regenerative farmers can see there is a local demand.

 If you are one of the amateur gardeners who is or is planning to set up Gbiota beds please register as a vendor and create a page featuring you beds.

 This will cost you nothing and you are not committed to buy or sell anything but it could be critical in establishing the network of regenerative farmers which is critical for this project.

 You can find instructions on creating pages at Vendors Let go in the How To section of the menu bar.

 Buy direct from regenerative farmers


Regenerative farming increases the nutrient and biological quality of the soil leading to healthier food and healthier people.




The aim of this web is to put people who want to eat healthier in contact with regenerative farmers so they can buy directly.

 You can buy food from the chemical industrial complex and run the risk of ending up fat and sick and probably having a limb amputated from diabetes.




 Buy food, full of phytonutrients from a regenerative farmer grown in high nutrient, toxin free living soil and expect to live a healthy life into old age.



 We can help you locate regenerative farmers near you where you can buy a wide variety of produce of your choice which is genuinely fresh, directly from the farmer at an affordable price.

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Health starts in the soil



We live in an age dominated by mega corporations who put profit ahead of consequences.

One consequence of our chemical agricultural farming system is the destruction of our soil lacking nutrients and vitality and loaded with toxic chemicals – another is the chronic health epidemic of obesity, diabetes, dementia etc.

But there is a world wide trend among some enlightened farmers to adopt regenerative farming enhancing the soil for future generations and growing food for health.

This is personal – my wife Xiulan was diagnosed with diabetes, started to loose her eye sight, fell down a flight of stairs and after a successful operation to fix her bones her foot started to turn black and the doctors started talking about amputation. Being a blind cripple is not fun.

Fortunately Xiulan, a qualified doctor, revised her diet and now has her health back.

But how can people concerned about their health buy food grown by a regenerative farmer? That’s why I set up pickandeat.shop to link these concerned people to regenerative farmers so they can buy healthy food directly from them at a reasonable price.

Right now we have many people suffering from diabetes or related health problems who are anxious to buy food free of toxic chemicals.

What we  are really looking for are regenerative farmers – if interested please contact me at colinaustin@bigpond.com

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