Many years ago, way back in the 1990’s – before the internet became commonplace – I was a pioneer of Wicking Beds. When the internet arrived I posted information on how to build Wicking Beds which went viral but unfortunately with much bad advice on how to make Wicking Beds – but it was not a big deal as they were really only used for amateur gardeners.

Later my wife Xiulan – a qualified doctor – became diabetic and we learned that the root cause was damage to our gut biology which is not just a random bunch of trillions of microbes but they communicate together to provide an intelligent control system for our bodies.

I formed the Gbiota club to develop a growing system to restore gut biology to help reverse the modern epidemic of diabetes, obesity and related diseases. Peoples health and even lives depend on having a healthy gut so it is important that they can have confidence in the technology when they buy produce grown in Gbiota beds.

I want all people to have access to the technology so the last thing I want is to restrict access but I do need to ensure that when people buy produce which is claimed to be grown in Gbiota beds that valid technology is used.

Therefore I do not simply publish information on how to make Gbiota beds but provide information and technical support directly to participating growers.

You can contact me at [email protected]

Clicking on the items in the how to section aims to explain how to buy food which will improve gut biology and general health.

This is as much a social as technical adventure so please feel free to contact me directly with questions or suggestions or offers of help.

Every ten seconds someone in the world has a limb chopped off from diabetes – it is important we get this right so we all need to pull together to get it right.

Colin Austin