Growing plants for gut health

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The Gbiota movement is based on bringing together individuals and companies working cooperatively together who may need support such as dietary, technical, marketing, financial and organisation advice. 


Growers are the front line of the Gbiota movement, click here to see what growers near you can offer.If you would like to become a Gbiota grower please email me at


Growers need a range of products such as minerals, biology, worms, organic waste, soils, irrigation equipment etc.  If you would like to become a supplier to the Gbiota club please email me at


Transport, picking up and delivering produce from the growers to the cafes, food hubs and homes is a critical part of making Gbiota food convenient and economic


Cafes are a great way for people to experience Gbiota food, they can also act as food hubs for convenient distribution. Find your nearest Cafe!