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How it works

Food for health

Many people fully understand that food grown in nutrient rich, biologically active soil is the critical step to health.

Many farmers equally understand that maintaining a biologically active soil, enriched with minerals is critical for the sustainability of their farms and indeed the long term sustainability of our species.

However the neo-economic rationalist philosophy that permeates the mega corporations which puts profits above health has led to the current health epidemic, sometimes called the black death of the twenty first century, which has resulted in someone having a lower limb amputated every three minutes in my home country of Australia, and in every ten seconds globally – all in the name of profits for the few.

Social movement

Perhaps the greatest achievement of humanity is that we have learned to work together in social groups. We would never have survived the first lions attack had we not learned the benefits of social cooperation (see my YouTube video food for health – society)


So we have many people wanting to eat food that will make them healthy and on the other side many growers wanting to adopt regenerative farming but it seems that the swing has yet to happen.

This is what the pickandeat.shop web site is all about.

Pickandeat.shop – a social movement

The pickandeat.shop web site aims to create a social change by bringing healthy eaters and regenerative farmers together.

When you go to the web site for the first time you will go to the homepage – here you can read a summary of how food affect health and links to many articles on food and health which you can check on at any time by going to our library in the main menu.

If you are convinced of the importance of food and health then you should consider joining the social movement.

If you just want to be a healthy eater then the first step is for you to simply register as a healthy eater by going to the login and register page. You will need to enter your name and address (which will be kept confidential apart from home delivery if you choose) but an icon will appear on the map which is part of the meetup page which you can access at any time from the main menu.

You will also be invited to make a public comment on your page saying what sort of food and plants you would like to buy.

This may seem a little thing but is actually very important.

While there are many farmers who want to adopt regenerative farming it actually cost quite a bit of money to convert from the conventional chemical industrial farming methods to regenerative farming.

Plants only need a few chemicals to grow, primarily nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium but also secondary minerals like magnesium, zinc etc which they only need in small amount (See library).

But we as humans need a much wider range of minerals than plants. You can read in our library that compared with other animals we have for our size very small stomachs. By comparison herbivores like cows have huge stomachs while predator animals, like lions, have specially adapted stomachs for consuming raw meat.

By comparison we humans have tiny and specialist stomachs which we has been evolving over millions of years as we learned the art of selecting edible plants and more recently as we learned the technology of fire and the art of cooking.

So because of our relatively small and specialist stomachs we need to eat food which is highly nutritious with all the required minerals and phytonutrients we need.

A regenerative farmer can provide us with this nutritious food but first – as part of the social movement we have to demonstrate to the farmer that we understand about health and food and want to buy nutritious food grown using regenerative agriculture.

Starting the social movement – telling the farmer

There are some two billion people in the world suffering from some form of chronic disease. This is not going to be solved by some magic drug, by big business or Government. It is caused by people eating unhealthy food and it will be cured by people eating healthy food.

For that to happen people must let the farmers know they want to eat healthy food – saying please adopt regenerative farming and provide us with healthy food.

This comes from community action, so tell your friends and contacts, using any way you can from a real live chat to social media that we need a social change.

For a farmer to adopt regenerative farming they need to adopt more expensive processes – they have to add minerals to their soil, the have to have microbiology to break down the minerals and make them available to the plants. If they use toxic chemicals they will simply kill of the soil microbiology.

Farmers know how to solve this by planting multiple species to provide natural defences against pest and deceases and many other techniques but it is not as cheap or as simple as having a massive field of mono-culture and spraying with toxic chemicals.

So we need the social movement to tell the farmers we want to eat food that will make us healthy.

Selecting the species

There are thousands of edible plants but we only commonly uses a handful. In the library their is information on many of these specialist health making plants, and within the community across the globe their are people with an even greater knowledge of these plants.

Using their comment section healthy eaters can tell the farmers what plants they are looking for. It takes farmers time to develop their soil into a truly healthy state, then plant and grow these specialist plants to maturity. But you can help make this happen by chatting with your farmer.

For example the Moringa tree is widely used to help with diabetes but it takes some time for the tree to mature. While Moringa extract is available on the web there is no substitute for eating the plant fresh.

Our slogan ‘make a friend of your farmer’ is much more than a slogan.

When you register you can, if you wish, request a special email address just for talking to your local farmer.

The farmers role in the social change

A farmer who thinks he may be interested can go to the site and see all the information on the meetup page.

Now I know that around the world there are more lady farmers than men farmers but I am going to use he in the collective sense to mean both men and lady farmers.

So the farmer can go to the home page where he can see the icon for all the healthy eaters. By clicking on the icons he can see what each individual healthy eater is looking for or by going to he community page he can see what people across the globe are looking for and talking about.

Preparing to buy

If you go the Supermarket to buy say a head of lettuce or celery you will be presented with what looks like a perfect specimen but in reality you have no idea who grew it, how it was grown, what chemicals were used to grow it or really anything about it other than it looks a nice piece of lettuce of celery.

With the pickandeat.shop system you buy in a very different way. You first go to the meetup page where you will see the local map and go and look at the growers on the site by clicking on the grower icon and decide which growers you would like to buy from based on the way they grow and what plants they are offering to grow.

At this point – as part of the get to know your farmer – you can send him a message – either by conventional email or clicking on the messenger button and tell him that you are interested in buying from him when he has produce ready for sale.

This is really nothing to do with pickandeat.shop operation – it is just a facility we have built into the site as part of the make friend with your farmer policy. At this point there is no contract – it is just chatting.

Starting the buying process

But at some point you and the farmer are ready to enter into a contract to buy. This can be at any stage of the growing process – it is totally between you as a healthy eater and the farmer as a regenerative grower.

If it is a special plant that you want custom grown you may reach an agreement before planting while if it is a routine crop you may wait until the crop is ready to harvest.

Why we call it pickandeat

When I was a kid, along time ago, (correction very long time ago) before the chemical industrial farming was even though of, I used to sneak down the garden and pick and eat anything that was ready to eat. It is very sad that so many people have never tasted a vegetable or piece of fruit picked straight off the plant and eaten there and then.

There is just a world of difference between say a pea picked, the pod opened and the peas put straight into your mouth – it is truly delicious compared with a pea picked on spec, transported maybe hundreds of kilometres, placed in cold storage to ripen then eventually placed on the Super Market shelf for someone to buy.

This web is really about food and health but food should be enjoyed, food is one of the great pleasure of life.

So in thinking about the pickandeat.shop website we want people to experience what I experienced all those years ago – produce that was really picked and eaten.

So the ideal way of buying on the pickandeat.shop is to buy your produce while it is still growing, before harvesting and go through a process known as boxing.

So what is boxing

When you buy from the site you will be offered three choices.

Buying from the farm gate

The first option is that you go to the farm yourself and pick up the produce yourself. This is fine but you will probably have ordered different produce from several growers so you can have a pleasant day out going from farm to farm to pick up your produce.

Maybe a pleasant experience – a chance to get to know your farmer personally and see how he grows his produce – a good day out but not exactly time efficient.

The farmer will decide the on farm price which will be the lowest price but you have the costs and time of picking up the food yourself.

Buying from a food hub

The second option is to use what is called on the menu a food hub. A food hub could well be the local farmers market or health food store. If it is the local farmers market the farmer will be there with your produce (maybe from several farms) already there waiting for you to pick up. Very nice – you do not have to get up at the crack of dawn to rush to the market to buy your food before it sells out.

The farmer will indicate the additional cost of picking up from the food hub which you can see by hovering on the food hub icon.

Home delivery

The third option is for home delivery which may sound and would actually be very expensive if every farmer had to individually deliver each purchase. But using the system of boxing it can be really quite inexpensive and provides produce picked that very morning and delivered later in the day.

The way boxing works is that the growers agree to use a common delivery service (or several services if appropriate).

The delivery service agrees with the grower to make deliveries on certain or all days of the week. When you place your order with the grower he will automatically pass this information onto the delivery company who will therefore receive multiple orders from multiple growers. Sound complex but the computer does all the work sending the information directly to the delivery service.

On the delivery days the delivery company will send a van out to all the farms with separate boxes for each and every buyer. The farmers knows what time the van will be calling so will have picked the produce just before pick up time and will load the produce into each box and the van will spend the morning collecting all the just picked produce from all the farms.

Then the van will start delivering the produce to all the healthy eaters so before dinner they receive produce that was actually picked that morning ready for eating that day.

That’s why we call it pickandeat and is actually a very cost effective way of buying food. Although the farm costs may be higher than chemical industrial agriculture the actual cost to the healthy eater may be less overall and certainly a lot fresher and more healthy.

There is typically two flat fees, a lower fee for you to collect from a food hub or a higher one for home delivery.

Gbiota beds

Gut biology is critical for health. Our gut biology does much more than help digest our food – the various cells communicate with each other to form an intelligent system – our gut brain which communicates with our head brain to control our bodies and decides what and how much we eat.

When people get fat and sick it is not simply because they are eating too much of the wrong sort of food (although they are) it is because our intelligent control system, which manages our bodies has been corrupted and is sending the wrong signals to our bodies – typically hunger cravings.

That is why most diets fail long term, it is virtually impossible to control your diet if your gut biology is compromised – you have to fix the gut biology first.

You don’t need to take expensive pre and post biotics – that is largely high pressure marketing to buy expensive products – you just need to eat healthy food grown in nutrient rich and biologically active soils.

We developed Gbiota beds specifically to grow food to improve gut health. Growers are encouraged to adopt Gbiota beds (they are very productive) however Gbiota is a registered trade mark and grower can only promote their produce as grown in GBiota beds if they conform to certain specifications (contact us).

Other health products

Gut biology is critical to health and while the pickandeat,shop web site was developed primarily for fresh produce there are other products which are particularly beneficial for gut health. For example fermented vegetables, real yoghurt, kimchi, sour dour bread etc. These are welcome on our site.


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