Lets go

31 Oct 2019

The basis of pickandeat.shop is that how food is grown really matters. You may read that say Kale is really healthy – and it can be. But Kale is prone to insect attack so may be heavily sprayed – which enters the plant and may be grown in soil lacking in nutrients – so it is far from healthy.
But grown in nutrient rich, living biologically active soil it can be.

But there is no way of telling just by looking at piece of Kale on a super market shelf – you have to talk to the farmer who grew it. That’s is one of the key points of pickandeat.shop.

Every grower has their own page on the web where they tell the story of how they run the farm. We can’t go to every farm to inspect each farm but we do ask that when people visit the farm they fill in the review panel so other customers can feel assured that they are getting a fair deal.


The first is simple – just go to the shop menu and click on store and you will see all the farms. Easy but as the site grows you could end up with a lot of farms to search.

The second is a way of honing in on what you are really looking for – may be a but more complicated but do it a couple of times and it is actually quite easy.

Step 1 is to locate yourself on the map. Either just click on the icon as shown or enter a physical address, the map will now centre on the desired location.

Step2 go to the categories area and select the type of product you are looking for.

All the irrelevant icons will disappear and you will be left with the icons for every farmer in that area who supplies that product.

Step 3 click on any icon and you will be taken to an area where if you want to you can buy directly but if you want to go to the farmers page then click on the food type indicated.

This will take you to an area with will lead you to the farmers page. You will see a label Vendors Info – click on that and you will see the name of the farmer so just click on that and you will be on the farmers home page.

Now if you want you can buy the product and put that purchase in your basket, but if you want more don’t go to the check out yet, just go to the next farm and buy whatever you want until you have completed all your purchases.


You can of course go to the farm yourself or maybe will arrange with the farmers that you will pick the produce up from a hub – such as your local farmers market where they should all be waiting ready for you picked that morning. (So you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to join the bun fight).

But is you want to have the produce delivered then you need to go back to the map and book a delivery van from the category section.

Of course many customers will be doing the same thing so in the morning the van will go around all he farms picking up your produce and putting them into your box (that’s why we call it boxing) then in the afternoon the van will home deliver the boxes to all the customers.