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This is the shop for the Gbiota club.

To find out more about the Gbiota club and the technical information on Gbiota beds go to www.gbiota.com. which is my blog site on how to grow plants to improve gut biology .  Our guts are part of our intelligent control system for our bodies and play a major role in our health.

Food for health

Feed our brains, our head brain and our gut brain and they will look after us.

What is Gbtiota food?

Gbiotafood was developed to provide the beneficial gut biology and trace minerals and beneficial biology essential to health but missing in our modern food system.

It has much in common with the food people eat in the blue zones where people regularly enjoy an active life into their nineties or hundreds simply eating a largely plants based diet by eating fruit and vegetables grown in their gardens in nutrient rich biologically active soils which have not been denuded of minerals by the long term intense production, typical of modern agriculture with it’s denuded soils.

They don’t rely on fancy diets, just letting their gut and head brains, their intelligent control system decide how much and what sort of food they eat.

It is not a substitute for our normal food and there is no fancy diet – it is usually eaten before each major meal leaving us to sense the messages coming form out control system to regulate how much we eat.

Feed our brains, our head brain and our gut brain and they will look after us.

For more information on Gbiota food go to our sister site www.gbiota.com

Here are the basics of how our intelligent control system works

The first part is information on how food affect our health, the second part is about how to grow food which improves our health (regenerative agriculture) the third part is a system where people can buy healthy food directly from regenerative farmers.

Intelligent control system

Everyone has an intelligent control system which manages how much and what sort of food we want to eat and how much and where we store fat.

It has three main components. Our DNA which we can’t do much about and changes throughout our lives, our subconcious head brain and our gut biology which act as a second brain.


Babies are generally born chubby so they have a reserve of fat, then as kids they become skinny as all the food they eat goes into growth and energy to exercise their new muscles.

As young adults males develop lots of muscles and store some fats around their bums so they can go our hunting to catch an antelope which tend to have a nasty habit of running away while ladies put on fat here there and everywhere so they can feed their babies.

As we get older we tend to put on more fat as it becomes more difficult to catch our own food.

That’s the way we have evolved and there is not much we can do about it.

Our head brain

Our head brain, quite unconsciously, is storing information about the food we eat and how our bodies react to it. We may not remember it but it is firmly stored in our subconscious.

If we ate an overripe tomato as a kid that tasted really horrible that memory is stored away and we just know we don’t like tomatoes.

We can overwrite these memories if we consciously decide to, for example by making sure we eat nice fresh tomatoes when we can train our head brain that tomatoes are not the horror it once thought.

Our gut brain

Our gut brain, gut biota or Gbiota, is made up of trillions of bugs which communicate with each other so they have effective intelligence.

There are good bugs and bad bugs. The good bugs digest our food, ward of bad bugs, help decide whether we are hungry and how much and where we should store fat. They are our friends. We simply could not live without them.

Then there are bad bugs, they make us sick and may slowly kill, us in great pain, just so they have time to bread – they are definitely not our friends.

Humans are smart creatures and we have been very effective in killing of the bad bugs. But smart creatures can do silly things and we have been very silly in not looking after our friends – the good bugs.

That was a bad move which has led to an epidemic of ‘fat in the wrong places’ diabetes, dementia and obesity.

We need to look after our mates by feeding them food they like and stop killing them with toxic chemicals.

Our gut biota consists of trillion of cells which communicate with each other to create an intelligent system – our gut brain.

We need to eat to feed our own bodies but we must also eat to feed our mates – those trillions of cells which form our gut brain.

Modern food has an excess of energy foods, fats, sugars and carbohydrates, and is becoming deficient in certain key minerals and vitamins but is chronically short of food for our gut brain.

The key focus of this web is how to grow food to feed our gut brain. Gbiota bed™ were developed specifically to grow gut food. They are easy for a home gardener to make and this web contains instructions on how a home gardener can set up a Gbiota bed.

But many people do not have access to land, time or the skills for home gardening so a focus is on how these people can incorporate these gut foods into their diet by buying food from specialist ‘gut food’ growers.

I am promoting the proposition that humans have an intelligent control system which regulates how much food we want to eat and how much and where we store fat in our bodies. Our gut biota forms a critical part of this control system and needs to be fed gut food. Our modern food system is failing to feed our gut biota leading to food cravings and epidemic of fat in the wrong places diseases – diabetes, obesity and dementia.

My aim has been to develop a system of growing food to feed our gut biota hence called Gbiota beds.

Every twelve seconds someone in the world has a limb amputated from diabetes – which is also the most common cause of eye sight loss. If people were to feed their gut biota it could save millions of people ending up as blind cripples.

All the information to make a Gbiota bed is on this site free of charge. I just hope that gardeners will adopt these to grow their own food and people with a bit of land will grow Gbiota food for sale to people who do not have access to land, time or the skills needed.



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Introduction to intelligent control systems and our gut brain

An introduction to how we are corrupting our intelligent control system resulting in the current ‘fat in the wrong places’ epidemic, diabetes, dementia and obesity etc and how we can reverse this by diet.

Read more

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By studying how our intelligent control system evolved into a highly sophisticated system we can gains insights into how it works, how we have screwed it up by bad diet and what we need to do to restore it.

.pdf 30 pages

Read more

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Food basics


Despite years of advancement in medical science leading to a steady increase in life span we are now actually dying younger and become decrepit in our old age. We need to eat food that will feed our gut biota. Health begins in the soil.

Read more


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Understanding food

I explain how our food has changed and how we need to rectify our current food and how we need to change our food system

Read more

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Food for health


Do we really want our kids to grow up fat and diabetic, mums need to be eating food that feeds their gut biology?  We need to work cooperatively together for our mutual benefit.

.pdf  56 pages

Read more

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Gbiota beds


Gbiota bed were developed to help resolve the current health epidemic by providing food for our gut brain.

.pdf 22pages

Read more

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Changing the diabetes paradigm


The standard first line of medical treatment for diabetes are drugs
which increase insulin which may ameliorate the symptoms but
ensure the patient will be diabetic for life when it is now well
established that diabetes can be reversed by diet

Read more

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Human Intelligence


I tell the story of the greatest wonder of the world, human intelligence and how it has changed the world sometimes for the better and other times for the worse.

Then we made the second most important innovation of all time – the control of fire for protection on dark nights and for cooking food. And the extra nutrients available from cooked food enabled our brains to grow to become the biggest user of energy in our bodies.

Read more


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Conditional truth



We live in an age of unbridled information, much of it conflicting so how do we know what it true and what is false – and why does it matter?

Well my interest is how food, particularly how it is grown and it matters a lot. False information can make us sick and die young while sound information can keep us healthy into old age.

Read more

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More articles available in menu in ‘food for health’ and ‘Posts’


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