Food for health

The aim of this web site is to give people access to food which will make them healthy.

Everybody has an intelligent control system which regulates how much food we want to eat and where and how much fat is stored in our bodies. Each person intelligent control system is unique, some people are fat while others are skinny.

Science has yet to understand how this intelligent control system works but we do know that gut biology plays a crucial role. But our gut biota consists of trillion of cells which communicate with each other to create an intelligent system – our gut brain.

We need to eat to feed our own bodies but we must also eat to feed these trillions of cells which form our gut brain.

Modern food has an excess of energy foods, fats, sugars and carbohydrates, and is becoming deficient in certain key minerals and vitamins but is chronically short of food for our gut brain.

The key focus of this web is how to grow food to feed our gut brain. This is easy for a home gardener and this web contains instructions on how a home gardener can set up a Gbiota bed. But many people do not have access to land, time or the skills for home gardening so a focus is on how these people can incorporate these gut foods into their diet by buying food from specialise gut food growers.

Introduction to intelligent control systems and our gut brain

An introduction to how we are corrupting our intelligent control system resulting in the current ‘fat in the wrong places’ epidemic, diabetes, dementia and obesity etc and how we can reverse this by diet.

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Our intelligent control system has evolved into a highly sophisticated system. By studying how it evolved we can gains insights into how it works, how we have screwed it up by bad diet and what we need to do to restore it.

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Food basics

Despite years of advancement in medical science leading to a steady increase in life span we are now actually dying younger and become decrepit in our old age. We need to eat food that will feed our gut biota. Health begins in the soil.

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