Gbiota – the essence

You have arrived at the gbiota shop. So what do we sell? Well you could easily think we sell cabbages and soil but that is not really what we are about – we actually sell microbes which will end up in your gut to form your gut biome.

You may ask why do we need gut microbes and why cant I just buy them in a bottle like every other medical product? Two very important questions.

Our gut biome – our intelligent control system

Our gut biome is a control system, it has trillions of cells which talk to each other to make what is essentially a super computer which receive signal from all over our body and sends out signals, either electric or hormones to regulate our bodies particularly in three ways.


It controls our appetite, what and how much we eat and it does things which are totally against our instinct. If we want to loose weight we may go on a diet by cutting calories. Our gut brain leaps into action to keep our bodies alive by first reducing our activity and then storing any food the becomes available – so long term we may end up storing more fat.

This can leads to many non infectious diseases like diabetes, strokes, heart attacks and dementia.


From the moment we are borne our bodies start to age and our intelligent control system replaces our bodies parts as they age and wear.

Immune system

Our gut biome hosts and trains much of our immune system. This is not an easy job as our immune system has to identify whether a cell is part of us,  harmless or bad and in need of immediate extermination.

In the last outbreak the people who died had a poor gut biome or were subject to serious levels of stress.

Self regulation

Our bodies have evolved over millions of years to self regulate. Changes of our modern food system have resulted in a less effective control system.

The Gbiota system is to restore this self regulating system by changing our gut biome

About microbes

Microbes have an entirely different time scale to humans – one hour for a microbe is equivalent to a human year.

Within a few hours microbes are busy breeding like crazy, population explode exponentially but within a few day they die.

It is like our cities, always full of people but not the same people as new people arrive and others move or die.

Microbes are continuously breeding inside us, at least as long as we feed them, but we also need new microbes so we have a strong and healthy gut biome.

Where do these new microbes come from? They start in the soil, well at least in a healthy living soil.

Babies seem quite happy to eat soil but fortunately we grow out of that and get our replacement microbes from eating plants. Microbes are incredibly small and easily enter the plants which we can eat to get our replacement microbes.

But here we get back to the difference in time scale, the microbes in the plants die very quickly after the plant is harvested so we should eat the plants shortly after harvesting.

That is why we call it and why we sell boxes full of soil which is full of a whole spectrum of living creatures from the tiny microbes to the worms which are an integral part of a healthy soil.

People can then have plants containing living beneficial microbes growing at home.

Good and bad bugs

There is another thing you should know about microbes.

There are good bugs which are essential for life, without these good bugs we would soon get very unhealthy.

But there are also bad bugs like E. Coli and Salmonella which can make us very sick and even kill us. And like the good bugs they can breed incredibly fast.

Obviously what we want is to breed the good bugs without the bad bugs. It is very easy to kill bugs, Donald Trump wants us to inject bleach into our arms to kill the bad bugs but that would also kill us.

Our chemical industrial agricultural system is very efficient at growing food that is full of energy food but lacking in the beneficial microbes and nutrients.

This is a complete reversal – when I was a toddler the big enemy was infectious diseases, now medical science has made dramatic progress in fighting infectious diseases but our modern industrial chemical farming has created a new wave of epidemics of non infectious diseases.

The big challenge is how do we grow food which is full of beneficial microbes without the harmful ones.

This is really what Gbiota is all about, we don’t do it by toxic chemicals but by creating the conditions where the good bugs simple out compete the bad bugs simply by creating the right Eco system.

Fortunately we do not have to completely eliminate the bad bugs – it seems they need to reach a certain threshold level before they become dangerous. Almost everyone has some E-coli growing inside them with no harmful effects.

We can breed the good bugs simply by creating the right conditions of moisture level, oxygen and nutrients.

It is a process which can easily be done by an experienced grower or horticulturists.

We simply put the growing media into boxes so people, even if they live in a flat and have no growing experience can be eating plants fresh before the beneficial microbes die.

Similarly the microbes in the soil must be fed, while the boxes come with a good supply of food after a period the boxes need to be swapped for a new one with a fresh mix full of food for the microbes.

So what do we actually sell?

The Gbiota system is to grow beneficial microbes under conditions where the beneficial microbes can out compete the harmful microbes to make a growing media.

This is put into boxes to make ‘clean skins’ where people can grow the plants of their choice or seeded and the plants grown to be near ready for harvesting.

Some plants are so basic to the system that they are grown on a regular basis and are likely to be available ex stock ready for purchase.

But there are a huge variety of edible plants, these can be ordered to be grown on a custom basis.

How to buy

At first you will need to buy a box. In the purchase area this will be described as a clean skin which means a box already filled with the Gbiota mix ready for seeding. If you want to seed yourself you are ready to go.

If you want to buy a box already seeded with the plants already to harvest then make a new additional purchase for seeding.

If you already have a box you can order a swap box which means that you swap your existing box, (and maybe donate some home food waste) and receive a new box which again can either be a clean skin or you can make an additional purchase for seeding.

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Just starting

We are really just starting with the Gbiota shop and are currently focusing on the Bundaberg region.

Just go to vendors then Gbiota to see what is available in the Bundaberg region.

If you are interested in become a local vendor for your region or have any other questions please contact me at